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Poster: deadhead66 Date: Jul 18, 2007 2:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I need 1978 guidance

Dear Lou,

1978 was, and remains, one of my favorite years for Grateful Dead shows. I've heard them all. I have some of the shows from January and April, all of the shows from February, and every show from May through December (save the recordings from the Egypt debacle). You're welcome to anything I've got.

Though I love all the shows from '78, I prize these especially highly:

1/7/78 ("Dancin'" → "Samson")
1/10/78 ("Wharf Rat" → "Franklin's")
1/13/78 ("Dancin'" → "Drums" → "Wharf Rat")
1/30/78 ("Stella Blue" → "Franklin's")
2/5/78 (N.B.: Don't settle for the Dick's Picks. Track down the "U.S. Blues" encore if you can. The first set has never circulated, so get hold of it -- in any sound quality -- if ever you come across it.)
4/8/78 (for the "Scarlet" → "Fire")
4/10/78 ("Dancin'" → "Drums" → "Franklin's")
5/9/78 ("Franklin's" opener, "Dancin'" → "Drums" → "Not Fade Away")
5/11/78 (Dick's Picks is fine; I think this is Betty's half of that release, and Bear's is 5/10, but I may have this backwards; "Dancin'" → "Drums" → "Not Fade Away"; pharmaceutical mescaline sulfate show)
5/14/78 (Mother's Day, Providence)
5/16/78 ("Drums" → "Comes a Time")
5/17/78 ("Dancin'" → "Drums" → "Terrapin")
7/8/78 ("Wharf Rat" → "Franklin's")
8/30/78 (first "World To Give")
10/17/78 (for the "Space → "I Don't Teach Anymore/Hey Buddy, You're Under Arrest" Garcia/Weir crowd exchanges → second "World To Give")
11/13/78 (for the "Jack Straw" closer)
11/17/78b (Uptown Theatre; here's a link to my prior post about this show:
11/20/78 (final "World To Give"; go with Rob Bertrando's recording for a virtually uncut version of the second set)
11/21/78 (for the "Eyes")
11/23/78 ("Friend of the Devil," "Dancin'" → "Terrapin" → "Playin'" → "Drums" → "Ollin Arrageed jam" → "Shakedown" → "Playin'")
11/24/78 ("Friend of the Devil," "Estimated" → "Shakedown" → "Drums" → "Ollin Arrageed" → "Fire" → "Sugar Magnolia")
12/30/78 ("Scarlet" → "Fire," "Playin'" → "Shakedown" → "Drums" → "Ollin Arrageed" → "St. Stephen" → "Not Fade Away" → "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad").

There is a great deal more I could say, but I'll end here.


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